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Hardwood flooring is especially worthwhile

Accessing trustworthy hardwood flooring info is crucial to your flooring process. There are a variety of decisions to make, even after deciding that wood flooring is what you want. Some of these decisions affect the appearance, and others, the durability of this amazing flooring covering.

Choosing the right options can mean the difference between a floor covering that will reach it’s expected lifespan or one that will fail prematurely. And that’s why we’re here to make sure you find the answers to all your questions. You don’t refloor your home often, and we’ll help make it a success.

Let’s take a glance at hardwood flooring

What are the most important things to know about hardwood? Well, that all depends on your specific requirements. If your home is extremely active, or if you have children or pets in the home, the question of species choice may be the most important.

Species vary greatly in hardness, which affects the lifespan of your floors. Choosing the hardest materials will ensure that you see the least amount of wear, even with lots of activity going on in the home. It adds particular appearance options as well, which can work towards an ideal décor match.

Our showroom offers excellent hardwood flooring

Other options that will affect the appearance and functionality of your flooring include choices in sealants, stain colors, and finish types. All of your preferences work together to create just the floor you need for your own spaces.

It should be noted that basements are never an option for solid hardwood installation. If you require flooring for this area, ask about engineered flooring as an example. You’ll find it stands up well against humidity, dampness, moisture, and temperature changes, so you don’t have to worry about warping, cracking, or splitting of the materials.

As a hardwood flooring retailer, Amazon Stone offers a vast assortment of materials and services to make sure you get the very best flooring possible. We’ll help find products that match your needs, and you’ll have the flooring of your dreams quickly and easily.

From our Palmetto, GA showroom, we proudly serve the areas of Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, McDonough, and Palmetto, GA. We look forward to your arrival so that we can help you with your flooring needs as well. Visit us to find out how we can get your project underway.

Wide variety

Amazon Stone carries a wide variety of high quality Natural and Engineered wood flooring solutions. Both Natural and Engineered Wood flooring create an elegance and durability that far outmatches most other floor coverings. Wood flooring is easier to keep clean, lasts longer, helps reduce allergies, and looks absolutely beautiful. Only a hardwood floor could become the centerpiece of a room.

Natural or engineered?

The mineral streaks, knots, and naturally occurring variations in grain patterns of Natural Wood floors will provide your new floors a uniquely beautiful look, while Engineered Wood floors can offer an increased level of durability at a lower initial price. Natural Wood can be refinished every 15 years. Engineered Wood can be used in a wider range of applications. Natural Wood adds more value to your home. While this is a lot to consider, keep in mind that a visit to our design center (where you can view samples for yourself) will help make this decision easy.

Making the right choice.

Here in our Design Center, you can view samples of each product while discussing the differences in cost, maintenance, and application. With large remodel projects, budget allocation will often shift between design elements. Flooring is a critical component of your home's style and livability, and an important piece of the budget puzzle. It is our goal to provide you the tangible experience and product information you need to make a flooring decision you'll be happy with for decades to come.

Flooring solutions you can find at Amazon Stone

  • Natural and engineered.
  • Authentic fir
  • Blue mountain pine
  • Country plank alder
  • Pasific coast maple
  • Green flooring
  • Color-plank appalachian
  • Wide-plank oak, maple, and hickory
  • Classic appalachian oak
  • High gloss appalachian oak
  • Homestyle solid-appalachian oak
  • Color strip solid-appalachian oak
  • Hand crafted scraped and textured

Will it match your counter tops?

Our experienced staff will happily explain the benefits and usage considerations for each flooring material while providing several options for your application. While comparing the beautiful floor coverings we carry, explore our showroom and match your flooring to your bowls, fixtures, cabinets, and tile. Then take all your favorites back to our warehouse and match them up with your desired stone slab!