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Edge Treatments

Having a kitchen or bathroom countertop with an edge treatment (or edge profile) can make the difference in having a good looking or great looking countertop.

The Standard Edge Treatments come at no additional cost with your countertop installation while Premium Edge Treatments include an extra cost.

Counter Top Finishes

There are three main finishing options for granite countertops:

  • Polished Finish – This is the most common finish for granite countertops. A polished finish provides a smooth, shiny surface that shows off the character created by mineral deposits in the stone while offering an easy to clean surface.
  • Honed Finish – This finish is achieved by sanding the granite. A honed granite countertop is also very smooth, yet less shiny and more satiny than a polished countertop. A honed finish can reduce glare and streaks, and may also mask imperfections in the stone. This finishing process does result in a more porous surface which can be more susceptible to stains.
  • Leather Finish – This finish may be achieved by using diamond tipped brushes to smooth the stone to a leather like surface. A leather finish also masks imperfections like a honed countertop does but is not as porous. A leather finish hides fingerprints, streaks and smudges.
Standard Premium
Eased Edge 1/2 Inch Bevel Edge
1/4 Inch Bevel Edge Full Bullnose Edge
1/4 Inch Round Edge 1/2 Inch Bullnose Edge
Ogee Edge
French Ogee Edge


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