Marble is a type of metamorphic stone mined from the mountains around the world from the Americas to Europe and Asia. Although granite is a popular choice for the kitchen and bathroom, we at Amazon Stone get numerous requests for marble countertops. We have used marble mainly for bathroom vanity tops, but we have fabricated and installed a few marble kitchen countertops as well.

How Durable is Marble?

Like granite, marble is porous which makes it susceptible to staining and will require sealing. Even sealed marble can stain and etch over time. Some may chose to restore these blemishes, while others may prefer the character of the patina created.

Marble is not as hard as granite, so cutting on a marble countertop will result in scratching it. We recommend to always cut on cutting boards rather than directly on the stone.

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Colors Available

Pictures do not reflect actual inventory. Variations can be expected on natural stone. Amazonstone cannot be held responsible for different natural stone type discrepencies due to mis-identification by the client.

Rojo Alicante

Empress Green

Rainforest Brown

Bedini Mari


Danby Mont Clair

Crema Marfil

Calacabla Gold

Carrara White

Nero Marquina

Rain Forest Green

Dark Emperor